Protect your Pictures
If you save your digital photos on your computer but have yet to do anything else with them, you should take additional steps to preserve and protect your digital photos right away. Make prints, copy to CDs or DVDs, a second hard drive, or upload them to an online service for enhanced digital picture storage.
Get Organized
Whether you use a photo software program or create your own system based on folders and file names, your digital photos need to be organized in a way that lets you find them when you want them; Learn more here. You will also want to create a place or use a method that will help you to locate them easily and quickly so as to be sure not to lose them.
Stay Informed
Watch the industry for technology developments, always use proven technology and products based on well-established standards for equipment and media, including CDs or DVDs and the like.
Stick To It
Use the information on this website to develop a system that will personally work for you - and stick to it! Taking care of your life's memories is an important and ongoing task, and not just a one time project.
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