As you build your photo collection, designate one computer - and one main folder on that computer - to be the primary location where you save all of your digital photos. Otherwise, it's difficult over time to remember where you’ve put them all. It's also much easier to create a backup from a designated computer and the designated "photo" folder. Of course, once you have the "master" copy of a photo on your main "computer photo storage," feel free to keep copies on as many other computers as you like.

Next, decide what backup method you'll use to safeguard your digital photo files. And finally, organize your digital photos in a way that you can easily find them in the future.
Table: Backup Methods at a Glance
To help you set up a photo backup plan that will work for you personally, we've assembled a table to compare the different media and methods you can use to preserve your photo memories. The single most important thing to consider as you look through the options, is to pick something that will work best for you — something that you get started using right away and you'll be likely to stick with as your photo collection grows.
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